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Yesterday morning I was lying on the air mattress on Ginny’s floor when Sammi went to step over me and accidentally jacked me in the head with her knee – so hard that I had this weird episode of involuntary crying/laughing and she kind of couldn’t walk for a few minutes.

Yesterday afternoon I convinced myself that I had a concussion.

Yesterday evening I decided that I didn’t really have a concussion after all.

Today I still have the terrible, horrible headache, and I’ve also been really forgetful and spastic. Like, I completely and totally forgot how to run a command-driven computer program that I run quite often. I seriously kept typing things in and I had no idea what the words were supposed to be. And I keep getting confused about what words I’m supposed to be saying.

I can’t decide if it’s the headache that’s distracting me, or if Sammi gave me brain damage.

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  1. Funny you should mention that, I suddenly have this terrible headache that’s keeping me from doing everything except for commenting on blogs.
    I doubt you have brain damage though or a concussion seeing as how you did wake up this morning. I’m such a ball of helpful information. feel better!

  2. She went to step over you and you, who was laying down, hit in the head with her knee. I’m sorry, I’m trying to run the scenario over in my head, even making Sammi do a kind of duckwalk… sorry, anyway, um, go to the school nurse, lady. They’ve got one on campus, right? Take a walk over there (or have someone lead you there) and, at the very least, the doc can tell you whether you’ll just have to start wearing protection a la Sam in GS.

    I hope you’re okay.

  3. it’s time to play “who feels like an ass for involuntarily giving their sister brain damage?!”

    im sorry, my knee is bruised if it makes you feel better

  4. Coming from the girl who did a dead man’s fall in the elevator only to smack my dome on every decorative metal rung (their purpose is still unknown) I am willing to bet the farm that you have come down with a bit of the “smacked your head too hard retards.” I was walking in circles for 20 minutes before remembering where the bathroom in my own damn apt. was. Hope you feel better.

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