5.4: And It’s All Around You

Five things I can see from where I’m sitting right now:

  1. Three different calendars
  2. A blue foam shark
  3. This, taped to the window on my office door
  4. A hundred thousand Post-It notes
  5. A purple Swingline stapler

I was thinking about doing five things I’m freaking out about right now but I couldn’t narrow the list down and it freaked me out even more.

9 Replies to “5.4: And It’s All Around You”

  1. 1)a box of golden grahams
    2)a pulp fiction poster
    3)a U2 cd that belongs to lorie
    4)a pink rubber duck
    5)a colorado license plate

  2. 1. my giant headphones
    2. a ton of the pink yoplait yogurt lids pinned to my wall
    3. a wedding photo and a picture of barry when he was little
    4. my white board with a super colorful chart on it
    5. the giant cup of water i always have at work

  3. 1. A flyer announcing a performance by Sarah Jones at UCLA
    2. Window in another office with a tree on the other side
    3.Work in my in-box I intended to have done by now
    4.This logo shark taped to a corner of my monitor by an intern.
    5. A print of Monet’s… one of his lillies – that I can’t stand.

  4. 1. Picture of my family back home
    2. My orchid with no blossoms :(
    3. Indiana Jones box set
    4. A miniature glow-in-the-dark frisbee
    5. My….water pipe.

  5. I guarantee that stapler is purple because of northwestern.

    I can see:

    1. The bestest tastiest heavenliest flatbread ever, from trader joes
    2. hummus to match
    3. all of my existence, still in boxes.
    4. my new bed
    5. a $1 package of sandwich cookes from plaid pantry

  6. 1. This year’s yearbook.
    2. AP Stylebook
    3. Post-It telling me to contact Habitat for Humanity
    4. Foam “Mean Green” eagle claw.
    5. A bunch of dead balloons from last Friday’s Meet and Greet party.

  7. 1. Messy desk
    2. Whiteboard crowded with scientific scribblings
    3. Bookshelf stuffed with journals/publications/books that I almost never read
    4. Round wooden table with chairs for ad hoc brainstorming sessions
    5. Picture of my two sweetheart daughters

    Behind me, a large window overlooking the courtyard and into the windows of other people looking over their shoulder. I change in here sometimes, as I usually do not have my lights on, preferring natural light filling the room. My shades are down about 3 feet, so that makes is easy for me to avoid discovery, as the people across the way rarely look over their shoulder anyway.

  8. I miss having windows in my office. I like natural light, too, and in my current underground office, there’s none to be had. We tried to get those overhead bulbs that mimic daylight when we moved in, but it was a no go.

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