Your Mother Is Watching You Die

Last night’s season finale of CSI was one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t perfect, and I know that many who aren’t fans of Tarantino didn’t enjoy it because of his style, but for me, putting together one of my favorite directors and one of my favorite television shows turned out to be just about twice as awesome as I’d hoped.

Evidence that I am still, somewhere in my heart, a geeky film student: after I got over my emotional response to the episode, I began going back over it in my head, analyzing plot elements, picking up QT trademarks, and thinking, “Damn. I could write one hell of a paper about this.”

2 Replies to “Your Mother Is Watching You Die”

  1. i feel that anyone who bitches about tarantino is immediately suspect as far as their cinematic taste.

    glad you like him, too.

  2. I too was impressed by the episode. The only problematic moments for me were the early locker room scene (which felt way too much like Jules and Vincent banter, which was screamingly out of character for both Nick and Warrick) and the ridiculous overuse of the “Pancho” nickname by Grissom at the climax. Once was powerful; twice would have been okay. The subsequent 49 times Gil played that card were just painful.

    Loved the ants, and loved the use of silence, especially during those (overly) dramatic track-in shots of each character as he/she was given a moment to react to seeing Nicky in the coffin for the first time.

    Tarantino has now directed interesting and notable episodes of ER, Alias, and CSI. Give him a crack at Lost next season and I’ll probably continue to be happy.

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