Stupid American

I signed up for a premium membership with at the beginning of December, mainly so that I’d get guaranteed tickets when they went on tour this year. And ever since then, I’ve been pissed and annoyed that they had my renewal date listed at 2.12.2005, because I’m like “is this a scam to make me pay $40 twice in order to get my tickets?” and if so, that sucks.

But then today I was reminded that in countries other than the United States, they note dates as day.month.year rather than, and so my membership expires a year from when I got it, and I am an idiot.

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  1. No, not an idiot, just centered on American customs. We’re going to have to convince you that a European (or other continent) trip is worthwhile. Just pick a country, get a Rick Steve’s book that shows how to travel around on a shoestring, and you’re in business.

  2. when i went back to Japan, i forgot that’s how they did their dates too and got briefly confused myself. :D don’t sweat it girl!

    oh, and “stupid american” = “baaka gaijin.” that is all for today’s lesson in Japanese name-calling.

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