I’m Not Sleeping

Apropos of absolutely nothing, here’s a picture of one of our cats.

That would be Gordon, the prissy princess. She is wondering why I’m lying on the floor clucking at her from behind a piece of machinery.

I know a lot of people who regularly suffer from insomnia, but I am not normally one of those people. Every once in a while, though, I have a few days of it, and right now is one of those times. It’s so awful that I don’t know how people who have it all the time are able to function in the world.

I almost never had trouble falling asleep when I was younger, except on Christmas Eve – notorious for creating insomniacs out of tiny children everywhere. In fact, when I was majorly stressed out even as recently as college, I’d do just the opposite – I’d sleep way too much.

I was a champion sleeper. I could sleep for hours and hours. Rip Van Winkle used to dream that his job security was in danger while I kicked his ass at sleeping.

And now, sometimes when I get stressed out I don’t sleep, and that’s how I feel right now after a third day on about 10 cumulative hours of sleep. I’m getting that haunted, hollow look. I’m making lots of typos when I work on stuff. And I really, really want to sleep a full night tonight.

So I’m going to try to do all those things you’re supposed to do – most notably, quitting with the Diet Coke after lunch. Usually I have one soda a day, in the morning, and occasionally another in the evening, but not usually more. But lately I’ve been intensely thirsty and also stressed out and I’ve been slamming back Diet Coke like it’s my job. I’m sure this may have something to do with the sleeping trouble, so after stocking up on a big one at lunch, I’m done for the rest of the day.

Between that and trying to write a budget request and not having enough sleep, my head is seriously pounding right now. Eek.

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  1. While I've only used it once, Melatonin will help you slumber quite effectively. Take it at about 8pm, get in bed at 9 with a book, and next thing you know it's morning.

  2. You should replace your cats with gypsies!

    And then you could drink waterwaterwater and treat yourself to a cold bath before bed and… stop thinking about me so much, you'll always be my Princess.

  3. I think the cat is a looker! I still don't see a link for free beer, but I also realize I may be asking a lot. In regards to the sleep….. I find a nice session of “self love” doesn't hurt. Perhaps even the thought of it is terrible (you may be a Bush supporter). Maybe some serious exercise in the day to exhaust yourself even more. Maybe if you try to stay awake all night instead of trying to sleep. GOOD LUCK! I'd hate to be without my 12 hours a night.

  4. Yeah when I usually get those bouts I normally see doing a serious workout routine- like 2-3 solid hours of exersize to exhaust you or take some alone time to bring on some exhaustion as well. As well boredom can let you sleep as well. Generally read a non-interesting book in bed and it can put you out as well.

    Of course saying that I stayed up for 40 hours straight over the weekend for no reasonn other than I not being tired, but I feel great today(sorry I just slept for 9 hours).

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