Now My Empty Cup Tastes as Sweet as the Punch

In no apparent order:

  • I hyperextended my right thumb yesterday at rehearsal. It’s a bad idea to catch a triple rifle toss with the flat of your thumb. Just in case you were wondering. Anyway, it hurt a ton right when it happened and then seemed to calm down a bit, but today it seems like I have to use the thumb for everything and it’s just gotten progressively more painful throughout the day. At lunch I went looking for one of those thumb brace things but couldn’t find one; I may stop at the drugstore on the way home. Also, I just called my mom to whine a bit about the thumb and she said, “Well, did you at least impress them with the toss?” I said yes, and she said it was worth the injury then. My mom is awesome, and completely used to the attitudes that go along with guard after years and years of hearing about it.

  • I had Thai carryout for lunch today and while it was insanely good, I’m stuffed like a Christmas turkey and totally sleepy now. Dear shrimp pad thai, let’s have babies. I love you. Woo.
  • I got paid yesterday and now I’m engaging in the highly dangerous activity of online shopping. is having some sweet promotions and free shipping today so I want to order something from there, but I’m at a loss as to what might be good. Someone suggested Stila’s “Kitten” eyeshadow but I’m not sure. Suggestions, anyone? I know I’ve got some ladies with killer makeup collections glancing at my writing now and then. Speak up, style mavens!
  • As part of the online shopping, I ordered Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot because I like to do things a million years after all the cool people are totally over it already, and The Association’s Greatest Hits because I’m a sappy oldies-loving sucker and I freakin’ love them.
  • Side note: I really wanted to order Invisible Touch because I am also a 1986-addicted power pop freakazoid nerd, but BMG doesn’t carry it. I might go to Target or Best Buy today and get it. I’ve got a weird jones for Genesis lately, and I know how people feel about the Phil Collins years, and it might damage my alleged street cred quite a bit to say this but if loving Genesis is wrong then I don’t want to be right. So there.

  • Today marks the sixth month since the accident. Ginny is walking almost completely unassisted, back at work for four hours a day, and actually drove for a short distance yesterday. Yay! I have a much more detailed and (I hope) well-written entry on tap about this – one I’ve been planning for quite some time – but I’m waiting on a thing or two and I need a bit of time to get it together. Maybe I’ll have it by tonight. Maybe not.
  • I cannot believe it’s September.

    I also cannot believe that I can actually find my desk blotter today. That’s practically immaculate, considering the normal state of my desk. Cool.

    7 Replies to “Now My Empty Cup Tastes as Sweet as the Punch”

    1. Aren't music cravings bizarre? Seriously, sometimes I need to hear a particular song like I need a cup of coffee. What else creates such cravings, besides things you ingest in the body? I can't think of anything.

    2. dude, genesis is close to the top of my most-hated list. so over the top.

      i do love me some thai food though. you best come to homecoming so we can get some thai.

      YHF is the best! seriously. once you fall in love with wilco, i can hook you up with some live junk.

      why haven't we traded mix cd's yet? for REAL.

    3. “What else creates such cravings, besides things you ingest in the body?”

      i would answer this, but i have a girlfriend. *wink*

    4. I have kitten, cassia and barefoot contessa. I saw a professional makeup artist and she said that when these three colors are blended and worn properly, they will flatter every eye color.

    5. I'm a huge fan of Chanel's Glossimer lip gloss. It's retardly expensive, but I still love it. I have been addicted to Smashbox cosmetics lately…I could give you a ton of recommendations for that brand, but you have to shop at for those.

    6. “I like to do things a million years after all the cool people are totally over it already,”

      I'm the same way. If it really is enjoyable, then I'll enjoy it, not just do it because everyone else is doing it. And it will cost less after the fad wears off and inventories have to be moved. And really, who cares if someone sees you doing something that's passe.

    7. …not to mention, yankee hotel foxtrot will never be passe.

      i mean, i got the album in feb 2002 and i still listen to it at least monthly.

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