she needs a golden calculator

This is kind of one of those brain-dump writing exercises, really, because I’ve been unmotivated to write this week and fear that if I don’t force myself to write something, I’ll fall out of the habit. And it’s a habit I want to keep.

I’ve been working out a lot lately, which is good and desperately needed. Yesterday I had a fierce headache from the moment I woke up, and a yucky stiff neck that didn’t help things. I think it was a migraine so after work instead of doing cardio as I’d planned, I decided to break out the Reebok Power Sculpt yoga tape that I hadn’t tried yet.

It was definitely relaxing and helped with the headache, but for starters, most yoga I’ve done with “power” or “sculpt” in the title has kicked my ass, and this one was ridiculously easy. And I’m in terrible shape. So I’m not so sure about the “power sculpt” part of it.

Second of all, if you’ve ever done yoga you know that the last few minutes are the best. You stretch out on the mat, meditate, release tension in different parts of your body, et cetera. So I’m lying on the mat, all chilled out, and the woman on the tape is giving the whole soothing “breathe in; release tension in your shoulders” thing. And then, in the same soothing voice, she says, “If you want more workouts like this, go to” I have to say, that kind of busted up my meditation and I just started laughing. They get you all chill and then they’re like “go here and buy our stuff.” Funny.

And I have “Roses” from The Love Below stuck in my head like crazy today. I love that song.

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  1. That song is amazing. I really like it too. I am not sure exactly what the roses smell like, but that just makes me laugh. God I am glad a song like that was never written about me!

  2. DS had my copy of “The Love Below,” and I asked for it back, and he gave it willingly. I lost the liner notes long ago, so I could see “Speakerboxxx” readily enough inside the case. I flipped it open to get “The Love Below,” though, and IT WAS SOME TRASH-ASS ELVIS GODDAMNED COSTELLO CD. I was enraged. ENRAGED!

  3. “I've been working out a lot lately.”

    Way to go!! I've started back with my workouts as well. I feel much more energetic and sleep much more deeply.

    “Yesterday I had a fierce headache from the moment I woke up”

    Caffeine withdrawals? Sometimes happens when one goes off and on again after being ON for sometime. “Make sure you're drinking LOTS of water, eh? and getting plenty of rest and eating good healthy food.”

  4. IIII know you like to think that your shizz don't stank! WHoo.
    Crash, Crash, Crash…into a ditch.
    I said motherfudge!
    -runs out of breath-

  5. Oh power yoga is great when its done right – legs behind the head, standing on one toe for 3 minutes…mmm great for the abs too. I think the little insert of really works, its like hipnotism (I cant spell). I own so much of that stuff and now it all makes sense why. Try a soy latte before the class, me and The Rose used to do this all the time.

  6. Friends Don't Let Friends Drunk Dial. (actually they usually do because they think it's funny) Another reason the cell phone is bad for you.

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