perpetually bendy arms

I cannot straighten my arms today.

Actually, this will be the second day in a row that I’ll spend looking like one of those Barbie dolls with perpetually bendy arms.

See, I’ve been all in a flurry with the working out for the past week or so and honestly, I’m feeling good about the whole thing. But I did upper-body strength training on Saturday and had managed to lose one of our 3-lb weights and so did the whole thing with 5-lb weights, which makes me sound like a giant puss, but they recommended you start with 3s and 5s and I did all the supersets with the 5s. I really do have strong arms, I swear, but I just haven’t been using them this way for a while.

So now most of my upper-body muscles are sore, but in a bearable kind of way. The soreness that I enjoy and relish because it reminds me that I’ve done work. My biceps are another story entirely, though, as they are currently so sore that I seriously cannot straighten them. The left one is worse. The right one I can almost straighten if I use my left arm to help manipulate it. The left one is barely making it past a 45-degree angle. Ow. Ow, ow, ow.

It was a good weekend, this weekend. We went shopping, we went to Sam’s ball game, I went out with Cookie, who enjoys the Target hoodie as much as I do (yay!), and other friends. We met two guys from Phantom Planet and chatted with both briefly (hint- sitting by the bathroom is a good way to talk to people).

Today I am sore and not particularly looking forward to this week.

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  1. i think it means you've grown past this stage in your life/job and now if you stay in the same place, doing the same thing, you'll become stagnant and complacent. It's a great and scary place to be but with those strong arms of yours i'm sure you'll raise yourself to the occasion. :)

  2. Well, I've been burned out at my job feeling as you do one too many times. What do I do? Some times I take a day off. Usually I try to talk it out with my friends or co-workers. Then- I try to put it out of my mind & not let it bother me. Sometimes a decision needs to be made- do you leave & look for another job? Sometimes it's a phase though. That's usually when the talking it out & taking a day off works. Good luck!

  3. it's not a phase, and the only thing that can make it better is new management. that's what i got and it changed everything. so just sit around and wait for new management, i guess.

  4. go to work naked
    or, go to work dressed but strip an item of clothing every hour – even in meetings.
    especially in meetings.
    or, well, you could reconsider what it is you want to do. I know not one person who's done the same thing for more than …5 yrs. max.

  5. Step 1: Take a day off… Step 2: If you still don't like it analize it. Isit work in general you don't like? Is it particulars about the job? Is it the people? Is it the time? Is it lack of goals and achievements offered? What bothers you? Step 3: Solve the problem. (much more complicated that “solve the problem” Step 4: Retire or marry rich.

  6. Shut up!! Which boys from Phantom Planet did you meet?

    The lead singer is super hot (remember him from GAP ads I think), but I am also sweet on the new drummer. Dorks rule.

    p.s. If you like them, I have both of their latest albums (The Guest and the new self-titled one), plus a live cd from last Aug…email me if you want me to copy them and send them to you.

  7. ginger- here. i don't know any of their names but we met the guy on the left and the guy in the middle. both were cool. i may take you up on the album thing!

  8. The fact that you used to love it is important. It's like a long-term relationship, in that at times, the heat you felt at the beginning has faded to a cool comfort, or even chilly accomodation… but sparks can also be regenerated. What was it that you once liked so much that doesn't do it for you any longer? Is it just the BrightAndShinyNewness wearing off?

  9. Guy on the left is the lead singer — much hotter in person. Guy in the middle is cool too (he wore a Snoopy shirt when I saw hime). Guy all the way on the right is the drummer. I love him. He makes weird faces when he drums.

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