writing just to write

I found my backup contacts, the ones that were tainted with jalapeno juice from the time I made guacamole this summer (and that was some kick-ass guac, if I do say so myself). Opened up the case to find that the right one, the replacement for the one I’d lost, was all dried up. I hoped and prayed and doused it with some solution and put the cap back on and waited.

Hours later, it was all good. The contact had plumped back up and even the pepper taint was gone.

I’d wear glasses every day if I had the cool SNL-news-anchor ones, but I don’t. My glasses are very standard.

I’m having trouble concentrating but I’m plugging along. I’ve hated my hour-long commute for the last few days because it gives me too much time to think. I try to blast upbeat music and sing along. Sometimes it helps.

I need to pee but I’m too lazy to take the short walk across the hall to the bathroom. I can actually see the bathroom from where I sit and it’s just too far to go.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week.

I need to clean my room and change my overhead light bulb. The two dim lamps are not enough light for me.

I’m a money-saver’s worst nightmare when it comes to electricity. I like my rooms flooded with light. I had like four lamps in my dorm room. I’ve been known to dawdle in the shower. I’ve been known to turn the sink on to wash my face and forget about it while I take off jewelry or tidy up the counter.

When I lived in an apartment that included all utilities in the rent, my roommate and I got into the horrible, terrible habit of leaving the refrigerator open while we cooked. Luckily I’ve broken that nasty habit, but the propensity is still there, I think.

I’m really tired and crampy and the weather sucks and I don’t have much to talk about.

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  1. “I've hated my hour-long commute for the last few days because it gives me too much time to think. I try to blast upbeat music and sing along. Sometimes it helps.”

    I like singing too, though often I listen to NPR. Current events can be quite stimulating; thinking along those lines helps provide a greater understanding of the human condition and nature.

    “I'm a money-saver's worst nightmare when it comes to electricity.”

    I'm actually just the opposite. I built our house with energy efficiency as a driving criteria. The house is warmed by the sun via passive solar techniques (i.e., large, southfacing windows). Triple honeycomb shades are lowered at sundown.

    We generate most of our electricity with solar photovoltaic panels, as Virginia's primary power plants are dirty coal, with some nuclear. All of our appliances are energy-efficient and all water appliances use minimal amounts of water (clotheswasher, dishwasher, low flow shower heads). Lights are predominantly natural color compact-fluorescent bulbs.

    The results are electric bills around $0 – $10, with summer A/C bills $50 – $70, in a 3500 square foot home.

    I drive a Honda Insight on those days when I can't vanpool. I bike for in-town errands.

    Why do we do this?
    To limit our contribution to climate change, resource depletion, air pollution, foreign trade deficit and dependency.
    For the first on the list, see the impact here;

  2. i listen to npr on occasion as well, but the point is that i can't concentrate on anything; listening isn't enough for me at the moment. i am haunted for at least a solid hour each day by the twelve hours i spent holding and comforting one of my cats, who was still alive when we found her, who went through horrible pain and suffering on saturday. as her life slipped away, her little body was wracked with convulsions. she was delirious and vomiting and terrified and didn't understand what was happening to her. she flailed and i tried to comfort her with blood running down my arms, and then i couldn't hold her anymore, so i sat on the floor and watched her die. it was the most terrible thing i've witnessed in my life so far, and every time i'm not actively engaged in something (and even when i am), i'm thinking about her. i know you're trying to help, and i really appreciate it, but npr isn't going to help this time.

  3. I built my car from driftwood and pine cones. I installed skrim below to allow my feet out for pushing while reducing under-cariage drag.
    When the sun and breeze are at my back sweat is reduced, thereby also reducing my need to consume more water than I might normally used if I just stayed home (-the mean I use to judge my intake of our shared resources.)

    When not zipping about I commit myself to memorizing Kant (who teaches me I can – and must.) and Nietzsche(who reminds me that others cannot). I find it precludes me from having to worry about human nature and our condition, rather, it allows me to rise above and live without.
    Heidegger gets me into rock shows for free.

    /meant in jest. Actually, Wil, I find your work commendable – it was just that all your “I” statements begged me to make a few up of my own. '-)

  4. I see what you meant now. Mortality is difficult enough without having to endure tremendous pain and suffering. I spent the last week of my Mother's life with her at home as she went through the final excruciating stages of death by cancer.

  5. ginger, just like when lorie wouldn't shut up about her “box,” i too laughed when she said “pepper taint.”

  6. i actually giggled a little when i was typing it. i liked it too much to change it. pepper taint.

  7. fidle fadle lorie bug, what's this you have nothing to write about, pleeeaaaasssseeee. i dub you “queen of always having something to write about” and nothing you can write will convince me otherwise. :)

    girl who also likes to keep her fridge open when it's hot outside or when her a/c busted and she couldn't get ready b/c of the profuse amount of sweat that damped her hair as soon as it was dry.

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