mexican kind of day

I wasn’t going to do an update. I was just going to read everyone else’s updates and go back to sleep. But suddenly I feel the need to update. I’ll warn you, though, I was just conked out on the couch after falling asleep while Dad and I were watching David Byrne on Austin City Limits, so now I’m feeling all wonky. I’m probably as good as drunk.

Today was chill. Unfortunately, I did not do any drunk camping (shout out!). Instead I washed my car and cleaned out the interior. That took a few hours, and then since Sam and Jay helped me wash the outside, I took them to Sonic for slushies. The sky started to look threatening so we headed back and got home just in time for the weirdest sideways-rain sunstorm I’ve ever seen. We had a rainbow literally right in my back yard.

Oh, also? It tastes really good if you take a swig of Corona, and then a swig of a Sonic lime slush.

Anyway. So my parents bought these potato chips that are supposed to be guacamole flavored, and they sort of were, but not really. All they did was give me a taste for real guac. So Sam and I went back out and got stuff for the dip and Sam drove back, which was fuckin’ terrifying.

Sam’s never driven my car, and she did a perfectly fine job, but I’m a terrible control freak and the only time I can remember someone else driving my car when I’m there is when I was looped out on nitrous after having my wisdom teeth removed. But today I was perfectly sober. It was hard to stay still and just let her drive.

Ooh, and we went to Taco Bell. Can someone tell me what the seven layers on the 7-layer burrito are? Because we tried to figure it out and something’s not adding up. It was good, though.

Anyway. Then we came home and I made the best guacamole in the whole wide world, because I am awesome. From now on, I plan to whip out this guac whenever anyone needs to be impressed.

It was a very Mexican kind of day, I guess.

6 Replies to “mexican kind of day”

  1. i have often wondered what was in the seven layer burrito. i guess the world may never know! much love, kristine

  2. i dont know what happened there, i wasn't finished with my comment and it posted.

    anyways, i was gonna say thanks Lori, and in return i will let you know my secret ingredient for guac: (it's a dash of worcestershire) shh, don't tell anyone.

  3. here's what we've come up with so far: 1. beans 2. rice 3. sour cream 4. guac 5. lettuce 6. cheese 7. tomatoes? but it also comes with onions, which i skipped, but they would make it 8 layers. i just don't know…

  4. Maybe the cold toppings all count as one layer. So thusly:

    3.Sour Cream
    6.Cold Stuff….

    but wait.. maybe the tortilla is a layer? I'M SO CONFUSED!?

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