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My goodness, but I’m sunburned today.

It’s a combination of that stupid tanning bed again, and the hours I spent in the sun yesterday working on the flag choreography for that contract thing I’m doing.

Incidentally, it took me half the drive to work today to realize that the oddly sore parts of my hands are due to working with the flag yesterday. Although my skills are still intact after almost 2 years without twirling, it’s kind of sad to know that a good deal of my muscle tone and hand callous is completely gone. I can still do all I could do before, but it tires me faster. I’ll need to build up a bit before I go to teach these girls.

So yeah, I’m burned from head to toe, and since it’s summer now I have to wear short sleeves and a skirt, so everyone is going to comment all day on how burned I am. And it hurts, dammit. If I were a less-chesty lass, I’d have considered ditching the bra today, but alas – girls with big boobs can’t ever go without bras, EVER. So it’s kind of painful, but there’s really no way around it.

Oh, and here’s another thing.

In the past few days I finally sent my link to my dear friend Enfranklopedia, whom I’ve mentioned once or twice in here, usually in reference to times when I drunk-dialed him. Enfranklopedia has that moniker for good reason, and prides himself on being right almost all of the time.

Let me repeat that – ALMOST all of the time. I’m kind of like this too, and we’ve been known to get into arguments over who is right about the most stupid, minute facts you can think of. The spelling of Claire Danes’ first name was one of them (and I was right that time).

So he’s been reading my entries, and in typical Enfranklopedia fashion, has found it necessary to point out errors and inaccuracies that he’s uncovered in his readings.

This weekend he IMed me to let me know that he’d found an inaccuracy in this entry. He said something like, “Turkeys can’t fly. Ever.”


I know damn well that I dodged a flying turkey that day, so today I went out of my way to ask the net at large. After typing the simple question “Can turkeys fly?” into a few search engines, I came up with the following:

Can turkeys fly?

And would you looky there – farm-raised domesticated turkeys cannot fly, but it just so happens that wild turkeys CAN.

Take that, city boy.

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