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My friend Alberto compared my site to a waiter’s tie once. Actually, it was yesterday.

It’s hot outside, not that I’m complaining. I’ll take this over 40 days of rain any time. But I just went across campus to do an errand and as I sauntered through the grass, my big sweaty foot slipped within my cute black sandal and I twisted my ankle and almost busted ass in the process. And do you want to know how very lame I am?

As I was kind of halfway-falling through the air, the thought in my head was, “If I don’t hurt myself too badly I’ll have to write an entry about this before I go to the doctor.”

Luckily it’s not quite that bad.

I got two incredibly nice emails today. One was from a dear friend of mine who is making his way in Hollywood as we speak. Also, last year he was on The Price is Right and won the Showcase Showdown. It was seriously cool. Despite my lousy correspondence skills, he still writes me faithfully every once in awhile, and I love him for it. Rock on, Pat.

In the second, a response to some melancholy rambling I sent, I read one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said about me. Witness:

I am relieved to hear you are well, albeit under the weather. there are always times when the world around you seems to spin at a different pace, wants different things, and you wonder whether you should be more like “them?” be yourself …. L, you have everything that matters – wit, soul, intelligence … you will always have a connection, with me.


Consider my day made.

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