the chicago “style” hot dog

We went to the Weenie Stand today for lunch.

I loves me some hot dogs. Seriously. I am a hot dog connoisseur.

So we go into Weenie Stand #1 (there are 6) and on the wall I see a sign for Chicago “Style” Hot Dogs.

Now, Chicago-style hot dogs are one of the things I miss most from my time in the city. And every time I’m in a place that claims to sell this kind of hot dog I’m skeptical, but I nearly always give it a try, just in case there’s a real Chicagoan behind the whole effort who can make it the way it SHOULD be made.

If you’re totally not following me on this, go here to get a list of what’s on a Chicago-style hot dog.

So. Today at the Weenie Stand (#1) I ordered the Chicago Dog Combo. And it arrived. On a plate. With a knife and a fork.

The basic idea was there – mustard, relish, peppers, tomatoes, dill spear (I skip the onions), but it was sort of just…well…wrong. No celery salt. No bright green relish. The peppers were chopped and appeared to include red bell peppers. There was a gallon of mustard on it. And, strangest of all? It was on a HOAGIE.

With the pickle on the side.

And I had to eat it with a knife and a fork, ‘coz after about two bites, everything fell out of the hoagie.

Now I know why the sign said Chicago “Style” Hot Dogs. It was mildly disappointing. If anyone knows of a place around here where I can get a REAL Chicago Style Hot Dog, do let me know.

Also, the Weenie Stand serves Rap Snacks. I had no idea these even existed prior to today. We bought a bag of Warren G Cheezie Nacho flavored chips for my office assistant. They were really good.

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  1. i’m not sure where you live, but tommy’s in northwest chicago is the best, but i’m guessing you’re like me and just moved from chicago, well, in the fall try stopping by corkey’s (the chicago style hot dog stand I plan to open in a few weeks) in camdenton, MO, near osage beach (on the lake of the ozarks)

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