tommy lee jones wants to marry me, i think

I had this dream that Tommy Lee Jones wanted to marry me and he bought me a ring, but he didn’t want to actually propose to me. He wanted me to win the ring from him in a poker game and that’s how I’d know he wanted to get married.

Side note- it’s key to know that I don’t have a crush on TLJ or anything, and hadn’t seen him in any movies recently, so it’s utterly random for him to show up in a dream wanting to marry me.

So we’re playing poker in one of those roller-coaster simulator things that they have at fairs and stuff, that looks like a big old van, and there’s TLJ (whose name, incidentally, I can’t remember until I wake up) and his partner and me. Where’s my partner? Asleep in a gymnasium somewhere. So we play and then I fall asleep in the dream and when I wake up, I walk straight out of the simulator into my parents’ kitchen, where I see my dad and say hi. Then I walk into my room, which is now magically in a different building, and I realize that I don’t want to marry TLJ because he’s a WWII veteran and therefore too old for me, SO I call my parents over to ask them what to do.

They want to see the ring. I call Sammi and Jamie and tell them to look in my (other) room for the ring. They find one, but it’s the wrong one, then they find the one in the blue plastic box and bring it to the room I’m in, and I look at it and see that it has a Wal-Mart price tag on the bottom. For $100.

So I show the ring to my parents and my mom is like “oh, I get it. I know what he wants.” And I’m like “you think he wants to marry me for my money?” and she’s like “yeah, because you just got that $50 raise for the year.” And she’s totally serious. So we decide that TLJ wants me for my money and I’ll have to send the ring back.

Other parts of this bizarre dream involved snow, a tiger, a weird wormy-bug with wings, and marching band music.

Maybe the snow in the dream was reminiscent of the drugs I need to stop taking before I go to sleep.

Edited to add: I think that the ring part of the dream came from watching The Ring this weekend. But it was still weird.

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