Mr. Fahrenheit

I’ve watched this thing like a hundred and fifty times in the past couple of days, and it makes me laugh every time. Check out my sisters singing and dancing to a hilarious, exuberant, mostly off-key version of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” The movie’s about a minute long and I think you need Flash 8 to play it.

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  1. OH.
    As Queen is my favorite band EVER, I find that pee-in-my-pants hilarious. My favorite part is the looks on their faces on the first “Don’t,” like they’re thinking, “Wait, did you hear that?” I have to say I’m disappointed that they didn’t go from the “shooting star” reach to the “like a tiger” tiger claw, as I do in my car. I guess that means I’ve one-upped them in dorkitude.

  2. i love that they’ve dressed up for their web debut… and also , that jay is lynchburg gear, and sam is in SR gear… now if I could only get the WHOLE video to play…

  3. G – we actually did a second take in “costume” at Mom’s suggestion, and it ended badly when Jamie kicked Sammi in the crotch right around “don’t want to stop at all.” Maybe I’ll post that one later.

  4. I don’t think “kicked in the crotch” and “ended badly” even belong in the same sentence.

  5. dude… dude… sammi sammi sammi, jamie jamie jamie… man… it was a bit pitchy in parts… i don’t know what’s going on tonight… it was wierd for me… not your best, but you worked it out at the end….

    you really made it your own, and i like that you took a risk, and [ramble ramble… incoherant drunkeness]

    I hated the image… dreadful… it was like somebody got up at their dog’s funeral and decided to sing a song… i’m sorry, i don’t mean to be rude, but that was appalling.

    yeah.. I went there.

  6. I thought it was darling. How many chances will you have when you’re older and laugh at the younger you? We should all have something like this.


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