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Places where I have stashed tubes of Cool Cherry Softlips:

  • In my desk drawer at work
  • In a little basket on the end table in my living room
  • In my purse
  • In my nightstand drawer
  • In my bathroom with my makeup.

3 Comments September 4, 2006

The TiVolution Will Probably Be Televised

Some TV shows I will insist TiVo recorded all on its own without any help from me whatsoever:

  • Supernanny
  • Tiara Girls
  • The Flavor of Love reunion show
  • The Britney Spears interview on Dateline
  • Fear Factor (reality stars edition)
  • Big Brother

7 Comments June 16, 2006

Total Change Of Pace

Chili dogs!

2 Comments June 16, 2006

Hot Diggety Dog

Here is a completely awesome and hilarious new website: matchdotcom girl.

I had a hot dog for breakfast today because my milk looked weird and I was afraid to pour any on my cereal. I smelled it and it smelled okay but I’m so out of it in the morning that I don’t trust my nose. Besides, it just looked shady. I can’t explain it. If I put bad milk on my cereal and took a bite and it was gross, it would ruin my whole day. So instead I had a hot dog.

Then I had a hot dog for lunch.

This is where my mother would say that I’m going to turn into a hot dog. I hope that’s not true.

I am NOT having a hot dog for dinner, but I think after I go vote tonight that I should go to the grocery store and buy new milk and throw out the potentially bad milk. And I might get new cereal because I have Raisin Bran Crunch at home and it is way too sweet. I have a notorious sweet tooth. I could eat a whole box of Fruity Pebbles in one sitting. So you know that if I think a cereal is too sweet then it is probably insanely sweet.

Maybe I will get regular raisin bran. I like it and it seems like it is good for me, and I’m sure one of you will write a comment and tell me that raisin bran is worse than drinking a 2-liter bottle of regular Coke after stirring in a full extra cup of sugar, but I don’t care. I like raisin bran and I can convince myself it is good for me. It has roughage! And fruit!

I think I might need ice cream too. And maybe fudge stripe cookies but only if they are on sale because the full price ones are too expensive. If I have some semblance of self-control, I will probably choose one or the other. But don’t count on it.

12 Comments June 13, 2006

Your Mother Is Watching You Die

Last night’s season finale of CSI was one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t perfect, and I know that many who aren’t fans of Tarantino didn’t enjoy it because of his style, but for me, putting together one of my favorite directors and one of my favorite television shows turned out to be just about twice as awesome as I’d hoped.

Evidence that I am still, somewhere in my heart, a geeky film student: after I got over my emotional response to the episode, I began going back over it in my head, analyzing plot elements, picking up QT trademarks, and thinking, “Damn. I could write one hell of a paper about this.”

2 Comments May 20, 2005

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