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Weird AIM Quote Of The Week

“What?!?!?! How does lifting weights turn your pooper inside out?”

9 Comments April 25, 2007


I need a cookie and a nap.

March 27, 2007


Awww, Sabrina! I totally voted for you and everything.

2 Comments March 9, 2007

i wanna know

Why do I have a cat who feels that eating magnets off the refrigerator is his life’s calling?

February 26, 2007

better and better

I was at Family HQ very briefly last night and when I walked in, my dad pointed out proudly that they had packed up Christmas. I thought about pointing out that it was February 7th and Christmas ought to have been packed up a month ago, but I think this is actually earlier than they packed it up last year.

February 8, 2007

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