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  • You win, the tree is down and in the box. I took down every ornament myself, along with the lights, the popcorn, every branch and the star. It was very sad…………..but I decided I wanted it down before Valentine’s Day. Made it by 4 days. If there was a bet, whoever guessed February 10th at 0945 wins. End of story.

  • As of 6:22 pm, Tuesday Feb. 12th, Christmas is officially put away. Done, finished, complete, Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I was looking forward to a good competition but I guess Lorie had to spoil our fun!


    28 years ago today……….. :) you know the rest of the story.

    We’ll celebrate this weekend after you get home. Love you, Momma

  • Hope you have a happy birthday and perhaps did some celebrating this weekend!

  • WOO HOOO! Rock n’ Roll Birthday! …or, maybe not so much with the party tree down.

    Happy Birthday anyway.

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