the briefest of updates, all things considered

I’m in week two of the official three-week hell period. Here is what else has happened in the last several days:

  • My car’s transmission failed while I was driving to work.
  • A dog attacked and killed one of the cats at Family HQ while I was there.
  • Jamie’s 17th birthday was Friday. We gave her a car.
  • Sammi was just elected president of her sorority.
  • Ginny has the flu or something.
  • One of the other cats at Family HQ sliced up my hand and I’m convinced I’m going to get MRSA and die.
  • The weather finally finally got chilly.

I think other things happened too.

I worked from 8:45 this morning until after 10 tonight. I don’t even know why I’m not in bed yet. I am completely exhausted, and my contacts have welded themselves to my eyeballs, and my head hurts and my tummy hurts and dear sweet God, I am so so so so so tired. And we still have a lot to do.

I am so tired that a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond came on TV and I did not immediately dive across the room to turn the channel. This is how you know for sure that I am in a serious state of exhaustion.

I am going to bed now.

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  • You guys are having a busy/crazy week! What kind of car did your sister get?

    I honestly didn’t know a thing about MRSA before your post. I have been living under a rock. It’s true. Also, I got a cut on my thumb after reading your post about MRSA and just knew I was going to get the virus. I told my coworker and my boss overheard. They think I’m crazy.

  • hey there,

    well i am sorry to hear about your car, maybe you can buy my old car (but then again i would never wish that heap of crap on a friend, an enemy maybe)….

    stop working so hard, and if they complain tell them i told you to, cause i will get just as crazy as the lovely lady from my town, you know the one who should marry the all time soccer player!!!!

  • Hey, Everybody loves Raymond; there’s no point in denying it.

  • Everybody Loves Raymond is on right before ANTM here in STL, and just having to watch the last 2 minutes of it because of my DVR’s safety feature gives me the twitches.

  • Nobody loves Raymond here.

  • Everybody hates Raymond and thinks he sucks.

  • Nobody asked for my vote so I don’t believe everyone loves Raymond, because I’m someone and I don’t. I couldn’t even stand Raymond long enough to make it all the way through an episode…………….But, I did like Raymond as the big Wooly Mammoth.

  • What is Raymond, I don’t know it

  • “Everybody Loves Raymond” is appalling, not least because arch-conservative Patricia Heaton uses it as a vehicle to spread her sinister views.

    Hang in there. Northwestern’s gonna be awesome next year, or so a small bird is telling me. As for now, rejoice in the Cavaliers.

  • Remember Paul Rudd’s mention of the sitcom in Knocked Up? “Marriage is like a tense, unfunny version of Everybody Loves Raymond, only it doesn’t last 22 minutes. It lasts forever.”

    Don’t ask what my point is.

  • Your blog is hilarious … Have you published?

  • Isn’t blogging publishing?

    I think what Jen’s trying to say is, hey, you’ve been gone a long time. For something “briefest” it’s sure hung around a long time.

    PS: quit yer job.

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