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  • I had to google this person. She looks fakey. I’m not sure what that means, but I am sure that if I pointed at her and said “Doesn’t she look fakey to you?” whomever I was talking to would say “Oh, she does.”

  • I thought she was in Rachael Ray’s magazine for the “Celebrity Fridge” page, and I was going to post the link, but I couldn’t find it. I know for a fact she was on the show recently. I don’t recall her discussing food, though.

  • She’s one of the hosts on the CBS Early Show.. and also of Big Brother.

    When she goes to eat her sandwich though, should should take Danielle with her.

  • It’s August. She may have eaten a sandwich by now.

  • Dude.. if you don’t update soon you’re getting written out of the will.

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