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  • Good to hear, what’s the situation that prompted this? Or did a altruistic mood simply overtake you like a wave that you chose to ride?

  • Good to hear, man. Especially since we had one person walk out of work last week never to return, our receptionist quit today (only to be begged back – yeah, that’ll last long), and one of our admins broke up with her fiance and therefore is moving back to New York. Oi.

  • Oooh oooh… I know why. ;)

  • Use a butter knife – it goes on thicker…

  • i keep trying to remind myself that this is not related to your last post.

  • Thanks for sending the flowers, for being my “back up” and for spreading the love today.Three years…………..I never forget, but I often lose track of how long it’s been.

  • I couldn’t keep going without you… I wish we weren’t so far away!

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