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Annoying: I ask you what you had for lunch. You tell me you had organic lentil soup and a salad with organic baby spinach and organic roma tomatoes and organic dressing. Seriously? I am NOT MORE IMPRESSED THAT YOU TOOK TIME OUT TO ADD “ORGANIC.” Just tell me you had lentil soup and spinach salad. I promise I won’t think less of you than I do right now. If you currently find yourself doing this, I want you to know that it is a really annoying habit and you should think about knocking it the fuck off. That is all.

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  • I agree, I don’t think it’s ever necessary to note something’s organic-ness unless you’re the one packaging the food. It’s not like I walk around talking about my in-organic foods that I’ve eaten.

  • My pet peeve at work lately is the people who send every email they write with high importance. Not EVERYTHING you say can be that important.

  • A big pet peeve for me lately is driving. Just driving. The traffic here sucks, and so many of the drivers are utter assholes, so the moment I have my car keys in my hand I’m already an Instant Bitch Whining About Driving. Le sigh.

  • just change it to “orgasmic” in your head.

    at least it will make you smirk!

  • Or just ask them to say “(mostly) organic” as a qualifier to the entire lunch.

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