pants update

I chickened out on any kind of fix-it plan for the pants. In fact, I called my mother and begged her to come over on Saturday and help me fix the pants. She laughed in my face (figuratively), as I totally expected she would. I wore an older pair of pants and managed to have a great time anyway. I still do not possess an iron or any useful domestic skills.

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  • would you hate me if i sent you my iron?

    i don’t want to throw it out when i move this weekend, but i never use it either.

  • Did mom laugh in your face the way you did when I called and asked you to drive me to Maryland? Cause if she did…


    muuuuhahahahahahahaha….. (that’s an evil laugh… btw)

  • I laughed because me driving an hour to sew anything is very amusing. I did not get the sewing or the baking gene and I do not have the “memories” from ancestors past to perform these functions either. You do not sew, because I do not sew, because my mother could not sew, ……..history does repeat itself. I think Ginny had the perfect solution, YOU drive the hour and we let Nanie do the alterations. Santa has the perfect gift, an IRON with your name on it.

  • I can sew.. sorta…did I get it from Nanie?

  • Fabric tape! Yes, it does exist for losers like us who know absolutely nothing about needle and thread. I’ll admit that I can’t even sew on a button. But fabric tape works. Stay away from the glue stuff, though.

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