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  • That’s weird, because I’ve been smelling fried chicken everywhere lately. Hmm.

  • That’s weird also because I have been wanting absolutely nothing except the cheese enchiladas from El Maguey. If I could somehow set up a conveyor belt where the enchiladas just paraded in front of me, one after the other, I’d be in heaven.

  • Please be cautious. Haven’t you seen that disgusting Burger King or McDonald’s commercial in which the man eats fried chicken so much he turns into a chicken?

    This also reminds me: Last time I visited my friends Ray and Lara in Florida, Lol gave Ray the news he dreaded: We were having chicken for dinner. Ray said something to the effect of, “I’ve eaten so much chicken lately I’m going to shit a pillow.”

    Now THAT’S an overdose.

  • I eat my chickens fully plucked.

    But my cravings have been more for nuts and my vegetable/hummus dip combination.

    Your cravings will subside if the avian flu makes its way over here.

  • Maybe it’s baby time….

  • You people are freaking me out. cK referred me to this particular story and his email arrived as I was eating hummus dipped chicken – I’m not kidding!

  • Oh, Ginny. Please don’t say such things. Like, ever.

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