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  • Huh? Except from what? Is Steely Dan the band that has that album cover with like the leg person, and the brick wall and stuff on it? I know you know which one I’m talking about, of mom and dad’s? If so, that’s my Steely Dan moment cause I was always fascinated by that… if not… then I don’t think I have one.

  • Excerpt from a conversation I had with Sammi in the car yesterday.

    I think you are thinking of Completely Breathless, by Captain Beyond:

    But the cover of Can’t Buy a Thrill is creepy in its own special way:

    I don’t have a “Steely Dan moment” because I am a dork and just love their music.

  • Whoa, Captain Beyond. A drummer in a band I was in was a big fan, though they were a tad formulaic for me. We had a keyboard player we called Captain Chemical, but that’s another story…

    Steely Dan moment? A couple.
    – Lead guitar solo in “Reeling” that made my blood hot playing it.
    – “In the mornin’ you go gunnin’ for the man who stole your water” … premonitions of the upcoming flu pandemic

    Many Todd moments (Darryl Hannah’s long lost fraternal twin);
    – “I want to change the world”
    An Elpee’s Worth of Toons: Todd album (must hear it to understand it)

    – “You may think that I’m a fool, but I know the answer
    Words become a tool, anyone can use them
    Take the golden rule, as the best example
    Eyes that have seen will know what I mean”
    Just One Victory: Wizard, a True Star album

    – “‘Cause everyone needs the love of the common man
    Turn the world around, Too late tomorrow”
    Love of the Common Man: Faithful album

  • my favorite steely dan moment is when”peg” is sampled by de la soul.

    oh, and i also like laughing at dude when he sings about the “maaa-aagic ma-an.” good times!

  • ha! everyone has a favorite steely dan moment! not just me!

  • yep.. it was the Captain Beyond one… though I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a single Captain Beyond song… like I said, I was just fascinated with the cover..

    in conclusion… Ginny’s Steely Dan Moments = 0

  • i’ve never even HEARD of captain beyond.

    i do know the captain and tenille.

    i also knew a girl NAMED Teneil (that spelling).

    She was the other Marengo oboe-ist.

  • I used to think Steely Dan was the name of one guy, not the name of a group of people — a band.

    But I dig John Mahoney singing “Ricki don’t loose that number …”.

  • the above comment reminds be of owen wilson saying “you know what bugs me? people that think jethro tull is just a guy in the band.”

  • Hmmmm….. I knew I thought I heard my ears buzzing……..

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