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  • The only thing at the forefront of my thoughts is the current Administration — the port security deal, the NSA wiretapping….

    Not that you’d want to talk about all of that….


  • new mini post at scattershot

  • actually, there are several newish posts at scattershot regarding music, new music, the olympics and olympians, and I forget about what else.

    Also, the port security is not at the forefront of my mind except for the feeling that it will prove the first sign of a turn against Bush by his own as some prepare early for the elections. The wiretapping is still of interest along with black-site prisons because it speaks more to this executive privilage issue (whatever it’s called) this admin is trying to pull on our reps. I’d like to see some resolution on it but don’t expect concession until closer to the end of Bushy’s term.

  • Can we talk about how much I dislike Hemingway?

  • Is it too late for me to ask who the hell “Fergie” is?

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