Completely Average FRT and a Bunch of Scattershot Thoughts

1. “80 Windows” – Nada Surf
2. “I Wish I Was A Girl” – Counting Crows
3. “New Slang” – The Shins
4. “Window” – Fiona Apple
5. “Every Breath You Take” – The Police
6. “High And Dry” – Radiohead
7. “Expo ’86” – Death Cab For Cutie
8. “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” – The Hollies
9. “A Rush Of Blood To The Head” – Coldplay
10. “Change” – The Lightning Seeds

I’m a cheater; I started iTunes this morning on “80 Windows” because I heard Nada Surf do it live last week and right now it’s one of my favorite songs.

I feel far away from you
So what else is new?
The moon is closer to the sun
Than I am to anyone

And then I’m like “wah, I’m so lonely too” and I mope around all gloomy and emo for a few minutes and a Counting Crows song comes on and I add it to the list, knowing full well that one of you too-cool-for-school kids is going to make fun of me about it. BRING IT.

My bum tendons are acting up today, which most likely means that the weather forecast for snow tonight is spot-on. I don’t know when I turned into an 85-year-old man whittling on the front porch and using my joints to predict the weather, but there it is. Fourteen years of twirling flags has left me with impingement in both shoulders, and tendinitis in both shoulders and in my left wrist. It annoys me sometimes, that I’m in my mid-twenties and I have this measurable deterioration. When it was first diagnosed, the doctor told me that this is the kind of thing they usually see in housepainters and Olympic swimmers. So I’m in odd company.

Hey, speaking of the Nada Surf show last week, it was really good even though I was surrounded by drunk/annoying UVA freshmen. Here’s what not to wear to a rock show: your GRANDMOTHER’S PEARLS. I mean, seriously, Annoying Girl With Tall Boyfriend.

Last night I went out with some friends to get gallons of awesome Thai food for my birthday (which is tomorrow). Oh, and for the record, I quit the South Beach Diet after eight days, and I’d been contemplating whether or not to write about my reasons for making that decision and ultimately decided not to. I’m mainly telling you so that when I tell you I had four pounds of chicken pad Thai last night and intend to have six pounds of hibachi shrimp and FRIED RICE tomorrow, no one will be all “but what will that do to your diet?” There is no diet. I’m sure the South Beach Diet works beautifully for some people. Being a Southern Baptist also works beautifully for some people. I’ve tried them both, and I’ve determined that neither lifestyle choice is right for me.

My friends are wonderful – check out what they gave me for my birthday:

  • The Joy of Cooking
  • America (The Book), which is something I’ve wanted forever and somehow never remember to purchase
  • a Target gift card, which is seriously like giving me a date with my boyfriend.

Tomorrow I will be 26, which in my head seems impossibly grown-up. It’s kind of weird and I had a thought to write some kind of reflective entry about it, but meh. Maybe later this weekend I will.

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