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  • Are you still throwing up? If not, then Ibuprofen helps when I hurt my back. 2 200mg tablets 4 times a day.

    Is there anyone that can come help you out, even if only for a couple of hours? And if they can, can they stop by and pick up about 8 cans of good soup so you can get yourself back on your feet?

    Our hearts go out to you; no one likes feeling that way. Keep us posted on your condition.

    Do you think it is the flu or some other stomach bug?

  • hey. gimmie my heart back, man.
    lorie, my heart’s stayin’ right here. Don’t nobody speak for my heart, much less… send it out to anyone.

    You’re well enough to type, you’re well enough to… come pick up my heart if you’re so hungry for it.

    …Is that it? Are you a blood-thirsty, heart-hungry cannibal? Is Will on to something the rest of us don’t know about? Is he… supporting your habit? Wait, Will’s got two kids. Wills got Two Expendable Hearts!

    Lorie, force yourself out for a brisk walk then take a hot bath. Have a bowl of soup in the bath and go to sleep in your bathrobe. You gotta get well soon – real soon. THINK OF WILL’S KIDS!

  • needless to say, that sucks. I’m sorry and I hope that you’re feeling better soon.

  • sammy sosa once hit his ribs sneezing, so.

  • I had an acquaintance in college who broke a blood vessel in her eye from throwing up, which: ew! I didn’t even know that kind of thing was possible.

    Then there were the not-even-well-thought-out rumors that she’d broken that blood vessel by doing things with her mouth other than throwing up, which: double ew!

    She encouraged those rumors.

    You know, sometimes I miss college. And other times? Yeah, not so much…

    Hope you get better quick!

  • i hope those rumors were that she was making faces and it froze that way.

  • oh poor dear. Feel better!

  • On Family Guy Stewie broke a blood vessel in his eye farting… hilarious… Get better… you’re obviously doing it wrong if it’s taking this long… :) love ya

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