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I made brownies last night, ostensibly for a coworker’s birthday but also because I wanted some brownies. If you live alone and you want something like brownies, it’s a good idea to make some brownies and then give most of them to someone else. Because then people think you’re nice, and you get brownies, but then you don’t have to deal with the temptation to eat an entire pan of brownies. Not that I’ve ever had that temptation.

So I made the batch of brownies and I put some in Gladware for my coworker, and some in Gladware for Sammi, and left the rest for me. Sam’s supposed to stop by my office today to pick up the brownies and some other stuff, and so this Gladware container of brownies is sitting in my office waiting for her to come and get it.

And I just got hungry, so I totally just got into her Gladware and jacked a brownie. But I only took part of it, because I thought it made the container look uneven if I took the whole brownie. So now she’s got a Gladware container of brownies with an obviously meddled-with half a brownie sitting right on the top.

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  • i heart brownies. send me some!

  • I love the word “ostensibly.” Or so it would seem.

  • um.. why didn’ t you put some brownies into gladware for Ginny?

    and also.. i totally ordered tommy boy and wayne’s world from amazon.. and i was supposed to get them this weekend.. but i go on there today to check the status.. and they’re like.. “we processed your return.. here’s a refund” I DIDN”T RETURN THEM!!!! I NEVER GOT THEM! So i had to order them AGAIN!!! ugh

    I bought the Garbage Pail Kids Movie at Wal-mart yesterday.. i need help.

  • your code is showing

  • dude, seriously? where? I’ve been installing a bunch of plugins today and I was too lazy to install and test one at a time, so now I’m all paranoid.

  • k, thanks. I’ll check it.

  • should be fixed now – let me know if it isn’t.

    That goes for everyone.

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