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  • Target is the devil. I have started to call it the $100 store, because I can’t get out of there without spending $100. Even if I just went in for diapers. So sad. I love your new site, and thanks for the link!

  • i’m :

    1. really happy that your new journal is making you feel like writing more.
    2. also happy that your site welcomes me back! by name!
    3. intrigued by the list-y bloggy-ness, as opposed to your old one-entry-at-a-time. conscious decision? pros cons to you? inquiring minds.

  • I feel like everyone is leaving me back at Diaryland! What is Confixor? I am in love with your new site! And by “love,” I mean… well, have you ever seen that Upright Citizens Brigade where the guy humps the computer through a hole in the sheet? I mean … um, not like that at all.

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