My Head

Man, my head really hurts.

Something is wrong with me, moreso than usual. I’ve been in a really bizarre frame of mind for the last couple of days, and in addition to that, I’ve had a blinding headache for three days straight now. And I’m feeling generally disoriented and slow and stupid, and when I get home from work, for the last two nights I’ve gone straight to bed and slept for like a zillion hours, waking up only briefly in the middle of the night sometime before going back to sleep. And then I wake up and I’m still exhausted.

I don’t know what it’s all about but I’m going to the doctor this afternoon to have my head checked out. In fact, when I called this morning and talked to Leslie, the cool receptionist, I asked if I could be seen today and she asked what I needed to be seen for and I was like “um, something’s wrong with my head.” And she laughed. But it’s true and I’m mildly worried about it.

Maybe it’s just a stress-related migraine. But three days? I don’t know enough about it to know if that’s what’s going on. My mom thinks it might be an inner-ear thing. I don’t really know. I just don’t.

Let’s hope I don’t have a sparrow nesting in my head.

Oh, and I apologize for anything I’ve written in emails or comments or said aloud in the last few days that has made no fuckin’ sense. I’m finding that it’s kind of out of my control at the moment.

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  • as a licensed physician wioth my own private practice, i can tell you with certainty that you are either pregnant or you're going through puberty.

  • ha. if i'm pregnant, we need to get my ass on some talk shows pronto, because there's no way it has happened through conventional methods recently.

  • then it's definitely puberty. or pac-man fever.

  • A few years ago, I started having some disorienting sinus headaches that did not respond to the usual aspirin, tylenol, or Ibuprofen. It felt like someone was sitting on my head putting my brain on slowmo; I couldn't think straight and was grumpy. When doctor diagnosed it, he started me on Claritin and it has kept it away. But it took a week for Claritin to become effective, so I used over the counter sinus medication to knock it off in the short term. Of course, you may have something completely different, so keep your appointment.

  • or just stop playing pac-man.

  • but i like the dancing fruits. and the ghosts are so yummy when they turn edible. chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp.

  • PS – I meant to say that I'm fairly certain it isn't allergy or sinus-related, as I'm on a regimen of steroid nasal sprays and claritin that actually disintegrates allergens from a distance of 200 feet.

  • you could have that weird parasite that climbs up your nose when you' ve been swimming in fresh water, and then eats your brain. you think i' m making this up, but i' m really not. the symptoms are a painful headache that doesn' t go away, and eventual death.

  • “…symptoms are a painful headache that doesn't go away, and eventual death”

    …sorry alex, but I think you may be confused, that's quite clearly Marriage.

    (*baddum boom)

  • obviously, those are symptoms of marriage, but last i checked, lorie wasn' t married, was she? so nyer.

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