This Could Damage Your Computer

August 13, 2003

“Autumn approaches” update: Today on my way to work I saw geese migrating. They appeared to be flying north/northwest, though, so maybe they were lost. Or on a day trip. Either way, I keep eyeing those ass-enhancing caramel-colored cords and then remembering that the weather report calls for a high of 86. Soon I shall be wearing them – soon.

So yeah, I’m a loser and tend to ignore the Windows updates when they pop up on my laptop, so of course when I went to check my email last night I had that worm thing. Grr. My mother was on the other computer so I went and asked her to see if she could download the patch and the updated virus dat file things and burn them onto a CD since I couldn’t keep my computer going long enough to download anything. My mother works at an IT help desk, although she’s relatively new to the whole thing. However, she is also, bless her heart, a paranoid conspiracy theorist. So when she goes to the Microsoft site to download the patch I need, the dialogue window pops up and at the bottom is the same message that appears WHENEVER you download something – the whole “files from the internet may damage your computer, be sure you trust the source, you jackass” message.

My mother hesitates. She says, “This says it could damage our computer. I don’t think we should download it.”

I’m like Mom, it’s Microsoft, and you clicked to it from McAfee. It’s not going to damage your computer; that message always comes up when you download something. I need that file to fix my computer.

She’s obviously terrified and doesn’t want to download it. She thinks that someone might be trying to trick her. My dear mom has also been known to think that pop-up ads are viruses. So. I finally tell her to forget it, that I’ll deal with it later, and I get back on my machine and figure out how to block access to the vulnerable ports or whatever, and downloaded the stuff I needed and fixed it. End of story.

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  • 1. mike  |  January 11, 2005 at 11:32 pm

    you know you're just closing your office door so you can strip naked in the office. perv. i had a dream last night that i broke my ankle. awesome.

  • 2. lorie  |  January 11, 2005 at 11:32 pm

    how did you know? are you on that construction site outside my window? oh yeah, you're the one with the broken ankle over there. i see.

  • 3. mike  |  January 11, 2005 at 11:32 pm

    i'm the one snapping my fingers. and, yup, there goes the shirt. i was worried you couldn't hear me.

  • 4. Wyndspirit  |  January 11, 2005 at 11:32 pm

    I confess, I did not once run Windows update till I got my new computer with XP, and I never had a lick of trouble. But, I figured, as a tech support-type person, I ought to set a good example. :)

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