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July 9, 2003

I have had the most fucked up search engine referrals on the planet today.


— jello pudding pops (Actually that’s not fucked up; I get that referral a few times every day. But I’m just making a list here.)

— my husband penis OR dick “he touched my ass” (And my debauchery entry is the #2 result for that, thanks.)

— +tighty +”pants down” -gay -sex -cock (I’ve actually gotten a similar search before.)

— CUT BITCHES HAIR (Gangsta hairdressa wannabe?)

— elementary today tighty whities (I don’t even want to think about what this person’s trying to find.)

— kim mcmiller (who works for Kraft Foods)

— Bitchy Waitress

I’m not trying to turn away potential readers or anything, but holy shit, what is this stuff?

Also, I hate my job right now, because technology is not our friend here at this college and so I’m wading through 57 tons of a bullshit report that’s all convoluted and wrong and I just fucked like half of it up and am going to have to go back and do it over now.

Sweet Jebus.

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