July 8, 2003

Someone called me a hipster today. I’m pretty sure he was being condescending, but that’s okay. He sent me this link.

I have this Interpol song stuck in my head (thanks! you’re the best!) this morning. It’s untitled. Or called “Untitled.” Or something along those lines. And it only has a handful of words, but the bass line gets under your skin and just goes ’round and ’round. It’s an easy song to have stuck. It’s lovely, and I love it, and other such things involving the word love.

Interesting and strange: blather

Sammi and I wrestled last night on my bed, because we are 12 year old boys all of a sudden. I won, and then immediately called a truce so she couldn’t challenge me. I also accidentally scratched her on the head with my toe. Sorry!

Eh, I’m a little out of sorts this morning. I feel like I’m floating untethered. Ooh, I’m so lyrical now.

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