The One Where I Talk About My Search Engine Hits

June 26, 2003

I never used to have many search engine results as referring links to my pages until recently. I’m not sure why, but all of a sudden I’m getting tons of hits from search engines, and particularly in the past few days, they’ve become interesting.

Like last night, for example. Someone searched twice for tighty basketball -gay -sex -cock. Which brings you to this page, incidentally. Apparently this person must have been getting a lot of porn sites and not too much tighty basketball information, so s/he specifically excluded those words.

I’m also now getting hits from searches for jello pudding pops on a daily basis. Of course they lead to this page. Rock.

Yesterday I got three or four searches for “Homestar Runner” and “Entertainment Weekly”, which has the searcher visiting this page.

Numerous searches for depantsing and shanking, primarily originating in England and/or Australia (crazy furriners), have scored this page – the same one where you can get information about tighty basketball, by the way. Two-in-one!

And then, of course, you’ll be happy to know that Local 11 O’Clock Meteorologist continues to do searches for his own name, a few times every week. And then he keeps visiting, because even though I took his name off the pages the first time he searched, the engines haven’t updated yet. I may have to just put his name back in, though, since he’s so keen on finding himself.

I’m just sayin’. Ego much?

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