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June 15, 2003

Some stuff I’m thinking about at 1:33 in the a.m.:

Okay. So I check my stats, now and then, because that’s like the point of having stats trackers on your pages. And I see that someone from aol dot com has spent literally HOURS reading my stuff over the last couple of days. Not that that is a problem, per se – in fact, it’s sort of flattering. But now I’m horribly curious. Who are you? Could you drop a line and say hi next time?

Thing number 2: fuck. I can’t remember now, and I know that I had three distinct things to babble about, and now I can’t remember one. Crapola.


3- I am disillusioned. See, I just got done watching the first Robo Cop movie with my dad. It’s been years since I saw it, but for some reason or other I saw it several times in my youth. Yeah, I know, it’s not the first movie that comes to mind when you think of children’s entertainment. Those Ed things gave me nightmares. Anyway. I got to meet Robo Cop at a car show in Colorado once when I was little, and I got his autograph. So at the beginning of the movie tonight, when they were making Murphy into Robo Cop, I was like “hey, I met him at the car show that time.” And my dad goes, “It wasn’t the actor. It was just some guy in the outfit.”

People. All this time I thought that I met the ACTUAL Robo Cop. I mean, the actual actor who played him – I never thought Robo Cop was real or anything. But I thought I met the real Robo Cop and so my whole life I’d occasionally bust that out at parties – like “I met Robo Cop, dude” and they’d be like “the actor, or just some guy in the outfit?” and I’d say “it was totally the actor. I got his autograph” and they’d be like “cool” and then we’d go into an abandoned bedroom and make out, except without the bedroom/making out part.

And it was all a LIE. I didn’t really meet Robo Cop. It really was just some random dude in the outfit, and I got his autograph, and I’m 23 years old and I just found that out and it really bothers me.

I didn’t meet Robo Cop.


Oh, this entry has also been brought to you with the assistance of sweet, sweet Nyquil.

Maybe I’ll think of that 2nd thing later.

OH! I just remembered.

Thing #2: I got some spam today from someone named Sasha. And that’s my cat’s name. So I read it, and I thought, “could my cat be sending me spam?”

That totally wasn’t worth the buildup.

Woo. Nyquil. Later.

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