I Love the Night Life

June 9, 2003

Hello, world. I feel good. I had a super weekend – well, actually it was really just a super Saturday, but the squeaky goodness kept on shining through the day yesterday. Here’s how it all breaks down:

I picked up Sam from school and we went to go meet Braedon and Cookie for lunch. Applebee’s was too crowded, so we headed over to Friday’s and had salads, anus burgers, and ultimate mudslides all served up by the infamous Not-Colin. I don’t even know what I ordered. Some random salad that had corn and black beans and chicken and tomatoes and random chunks of avocado and cucumber in it. It was weird. But damn, that mudslide was $7. It was good, but not THAT good. Then we all went to Target and browsed around for awhile. I got some kick-ass shampoo and conditioner. L’Oreal Vive Smooth Intense, people. It works.

So we went home after that. I chilled out and watched Funny Cide lose the Belmont Stakes, and then I ate a little piece of steak and started getting ready to meet Suz for a girls’ night out.

Soooo, we got to Corned Beef (aka Meat Market) where we were planning to meet up with Melissa and her friend whose name, I think, is Nicole. We all stopped at the first bar on the way in and got a beer, then took it further into the club and found a table.

Our Waitress, the Bitch
We’d been sitting at the table for about ten minutes when our waitress showed up and asked if we wanted to order food. We said no, but did ask for another round. She brought the beers out. A little while later we were ready for the third round. Our waitress was about eight feet away, in our direct eyeline, talking to some guy. We motioned at her. She ignored us. We sat there for about ten minutes with empty beer bottles in one hand and money in the other, making it absolutely obvious that we needed service, and FINALLY she came over and asked us if we were ready for more. Um, duh. So she brings back the beers and a moment later Suz and I go to the bathroom.

According to everyone else, while we were gone, our waitress came back to the table and said, “I’ve been to your table four times and I haven’t gotten a single tip from any of you, so I suggest you go to the bar from now on.”

Un. Fucking. Believable.

I guess everyone was so shocked that they all just stared at her. Generally we tip when we leave a table, which as far as I’ve known up to this point was ok, as is tipping between rounds, but she hadn’t done anything so far to deserve a tip ANYWAY. I really, really wanted to complain to a manager, and at this point was still sober enough to do so, but Meat Market has so many staff members on weekend nights that it was impossible for me to figure out who I’d even talk to. Another waitress in the area saw what happened and picked up our table, so we gave her a fatty tip, making sure our old bitchy waitress was watching. Ugh.

Reunited and…blah, blah
So. We’re sitting at our table, which is in a great location where we can watch people walking by. We see a few people we know – we talk to some, and others pull chairs up to our table and stay awhile. I’m in the chair by the wall, while H and Suz are closer to the walkway. This guy comes up and starts talking to H, and Suz looks at me and says, “You know that guy – what’s his name? I can’t remember.” And I say, “No, I don’t – I have no idea who that is.” She’s like “Lorie, you TOTALLY know him. You guys used to hang out all the time.” I continue to argue with her and then he starts talking to her, and I’m rather blatantly staring at him and thinking, “hey, he sort of looks like…but no, it couldn’t be…” and then he looks at me. And says, “Do I know you?”

And then there was this great moment where realization dawned on us both simultaneously, and he goes “Oh my god, you cut your hair” and I’m like “KARL!!!!!!!” and I vault out of my chair and run around the table and practically throw myself at him, and we have the biggest, best hug EVER.

You know in The Lion King, where Simba and Nala meet up again when they’re both grown-up, and then they recognize each other? It was just like that, except without the wrestling and head-butting.

Karl and I were great friends during my senior year. I always had a crush on him, but he had a long-term girlfriend at the time (story of my life) and I was planning to get the hell out of town after high school, anyway, so it was always this unrequited thing. We ran into each other a couple of times after that, when I was home for breaks, but we’ve been out of touch for at least four years. My parents would see him every now and then and say hello, because they loved him, but they hadn’t seen him for awhile either, and in fact my dad had recently been asking if I knew where he was.

So we exchanged numbers and email addresses and such, and I figured that was it. But we kept running into each other – at first I think it was by accident, but then I think we began to consciously seek each other out, and he and his friend ended up dancing with us upstairs, and then talking to us downstairs until last call, and then he sat with me on the sidewalk outside while we waited for our ride, and I got them to agree to come to IHOP with us. They did.

At one point in the evening I asked in an extremely uncool, awkward way if he had a girlfriend, and he said he didn’t. The girls say he was definitely “macking on me,” although I tend to be completely oblivious to such things, but he did say he’d call. So…we’ll see.

I feel like a dorky little schoolgirl. I’m not usually like this.

Also, this other guy I know bought me a shot called an undercurrent. At least I think that’s what he called it. He didn’t know what was in it. It was fruity, and blue, and good. Anyone know what’s in it?

Oh, and also #2: THANKS, all my girlfriends who loudly pointed out the scene of the crime when I was trying to look all cool in front of a guy. I appreciate that.

Yesterday I slept half the day and then finally managed to make it a good ways into A Prayer for Owen Meany. It’s been recommended to me for quite some time, and so far I’m turning out to like it a lot. I actually brought it to work today to read during lunch.

This is going to turn out to have been a really long entry, I think, but damn, I feel good. Now if I can just keep from second-guessing myself all day/week/whatever…

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