Free Haircut!

June 5, 2003

Whee, I got a free hair cut!

Let me tell you, I work with the nicest people in the world. A few of my co-workers know that I have been very strapped for cash lately, and that as part of my efforts to stop spending so much money, I canceled my standing appointments with Closeted Jonathan, my fabulous stylist. He is ridiculously talented, but expensive, and in the ten months or so that I’ve been going to him I’ve had great hair. But I’ve become spoiled on good haircuts and now I’d rather have a Carol Brady mullet than cave in and get a haircut at a cheap haircutting chain (like C0st Cutters).

My plan has been to keep going to CJ, but to grow my hair out a bit so that I could go every two months instead of every month, thus saving myself over $200 in the course of a year. But I haven’t been able to afford to go since April.

Until today.

Because when I walked into the office today, someone had dropped a gift certificate for CJ in my box.


No one will tell me who did it, but I have a few ideas, so I went around thanking those three people just in case. They are the best.

And yaaaaay, I went to see CJ this afternoon and apologized for my long absence and told him I wanted to grow it out so I could come less often, and he cut off the Carol Brady mullet! So now I have a rockin’ swingy haircut that’s just made for growing out my hair.

AND – bonus! CJ made me promise not to tell anyone, but then told me how I could do lowlights the way he does them so that I can do them at home and grow out my dye job. He also said that when I got a promotion I’d have to let him start coloring my hair, because he loves playing with my hair. We’ve got a deal.

We also discussed mullets – I asked if anyone had ever requested a mullet and he’s like, “Not in this salon, honey,” but then said that if someone did he’d try to talk them out of it. And we talked about the former mullets of Billy Ray Cyrus and Michael “No-Talent Ass Clown” Bolton.

CJ also accidentally clocked me in the head with his blow-dryer, apologized profusely, and told me that he’s had a rule during his twenty years of styling hair that if he makes a client bleed, the haircut is free. I told him to hit me harder with the dryer next time – I don’t mind bleeding a little for a free haircut. Incidentally, he’s only ever had to give one free cut due to the blood rule, when he accidentally shaved a mole off some dude’s head.

I feel so fabulous. I really believe that a great haircut is one of the most important confidence-boosters in the world. I can be wearing cheap-ass clothes, but if I have a super haircut I feel fine anyway.

And on the way back I listened to Prince (now I have “I Wanna Be Your Lover” stuck in my head) with the roof open and the windows down, and I smiled at some hot construction workers, and the weather is beautiful and I’m wearing lime green (along with two other people in my office, weird) and life is just wonderful today.


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