Hot Eric was a Free Bonus with Installation

May 16, 2003

I have a song stuck in my head, and unfortunately I have no fuckin’ clue how to spell some of the lyrics. But I’ll try:

skinnima rinky dinky dink
skinnima rinky doo
i love you
skinnima rinky dinky dink
skinnima rinky doo
i love you
i love you in the morning
and in the afternoon
i love you in the evening
underneath the moon

…and so on. What show was that on? barybabe will know for sure – she used to watch it all the time. I only watched it once in awhile but I know the song.


Last night we got direct TV! Or DirecTV or whatever the hell it is. Kick ass! We got free installation, and a bonus hot guy. See, the guy who came to do our installation was the hottest in the world. Hot Eric. I came in from work and was puttering around the kitchen and all of a sudden he walked in from the back and I was like “why, hel-LO, Nurse!” So then I went and got Tallgirl who was holed up in her room and told her that the satellite dude was hot, and she came and “helped me with dinner.” Which means that she sat at the bar and ate sunflower seeds and helped me stare at Hot Eric. God, we were so blatant about it. She’d look over at me and mouth “HOT” and I’d be like “YEAH.” When Stinky came in I even told HIM the satellite guy was hot and he just said “he’s married.”

Dammit. Why does everyone have to be married?

No matter. We stared anyway. I even flirted with him. And we had a moment – Stinky was telling some story about how our c-band went out on the same day we ordered the direct tv and Hot Eric and I both said “it’s a sign” in unison. Moment!

I’m so lame.

At one point TG leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I feel like those middle-aged office women on the Diet Coke Break commercial.” So true.

Argh, so he was at our house for a few hours and we did, in fact, provide him with a Diet Coke to fuel our fantasies, and then he left.

But he left a drill bit at our house.

And someone’s going to have to return it to him.


Funny shit here.

Also, we found a free special on PPV – a COLDPLAY CONCERT AT 6AM TODAY! Stinky said he’d tape it and if he didn’t I’ll torch the television when I get home.

Ahh, DirecTV.

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