May 3, 2003


1. Yesterday I took my car to a certain high-priced soft cloth car washing establishment here in the ‘Noke. I got the “VIP Treatment.” They told me it would be about an hour so I went inside to wait. So there were lots of people there. I was sitting near the door, and outside some other people were milling around waiting. One looked familiar. I looked at him for awhile. Then he turned and looked at me.


Man, talk about awkward. He didn’t come inside. I didn’t go outside. But we kept looking at each other through the door and I think he totally knew who I was, too.


2. I have recently been overcome with a desire to go to the tanning bed. I have never gone before. I used to be afraid. But I went this weekend and explained that I was a fake-bake virgin and the nice, way-too-tan bleach blonde showed me what to do.

Yesterday was nice. Toasty warm and relaxing. Today my ass got fried.


My ass got FRIED, yo.

It hurts.

3. I went to have lunch with my mom at work yesterday. I have been to her hospital to visit her a million jillion times. I totally know the way. Except I get lost about every fifth time I go.

I don’t know, I have no internal compass or something. I get lost all the time.

I got lost yesterday, in ghetto-land. I’m such a moron, seriously.

And that, so far, has been the extent of my mini-vacation. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe I’ll go to the Wildflour.

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