Oops! I did it again. No, really.

May 1, 2003

Quick entry, since I’m enjoying my long weekend and figuring out what to do with myself this afternoon.

Remember how I said I was clumsy and had injured my ankle by tripping over the rocker on the rocking chair?

Well, guess what I did last night?

I tripped, walking backwards, over the OTHER rocker on the SAME EXACT ROCKING CHAIR and hurt my OTHER ankle.

Although not as badly as the first time I did it, but still – now I have two unsightly bruises on my feet – and they match. Why? Because I hurt them exactly the same way.

No one is dumber than I am. No one.

And this time, my whole family saw.

I think I need to jet out to Southern Classic and have the surly boys vacuum my car.

Hey, is Local 11:00 Meteorologist really gay? Can anyone confirm or deny that?

Thanks. Have a super day!

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