A Little Out of Focus

April 8, 2003

I’ve been kind of sporadic in the last few days, I know. It’s kind of busy around here.

For those of you keeping track, my grandpa had open-heart surgery today (ended up being a triple bypass instead of quadruple) and is in recovery as we speak. They said he came through the operation like a pro and knowing my grandpa, I expect nothing less. Ginny and Mom are there as well as some of my aunts and my grandma, so they’re holding down the fort and inflicting their special charm on the hospital staff, I’m sure. I feel like I should be there, because I’m the oldest daughter and hanging out in waiting rooms and generally “being there” for everyone is what I do, but I couldn’t be there now because of my job, so I’m sure that #2 is doing just fine in my place.

Last night I talked to Grandpa on the phone and they told me the motel they were in was directly across the street from the football stadium at the University of Iowa. I’ve done a show in that stadium and told him so, and also told him that the entire campus smells like cow shit. So I got a laugh out of him, at least. But I could tell he was nervous.

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