Bad Parenting

March 31, 2003

Sweet baby Jebus, it’s almost 3 in the morning and I’m wiped out and theoretically supposed to work tomorrow (although not ’till 1) but I appear to be sick with some sort of horrible disease and I’ve been throwing up and so I’m awake.

I’m sure you’re glad I shared.

But anyway, I took some hard-core prescription medicine designed to make me stop hurling and it appears to have fucked me up somewhat. I’m majorly woozy and it’s taking me a zillion tries to type each word correctly.

I just finished reading The Nanny Diaries, which was a fabulous book that I just bought earlier tonight and liked so much that I finished it in one sitting. It’s funny and outrageous and sad at the same time, in part because you can’t believe parents are this crazy but also because you can believe just that. Some people should never be allowed to have children.

For example: yesterday (Saturday) I was at Target, in line behind a girl who couldn’t have been older than I am, and was probably a year or two younger, who was standing in line with her two – yes, TWO – young girls paying for some baby clothes. One girl was a toddler and the other was a baby, sitting screaming in the cart in a diaper, throwing her shoe out of the cart. The mother was wearing cheap dirty Wal-Mart white trash clothes, and had two really tacky tattoos on her ankles, and was standing there SHOUTING at her little girls. And forcefully yanking the littler one back down into the cart seat, over and over. At one point the littler one tossed her shoe and I leaned down and picked it up and put it back in the cart, and that bitch looked straight at me and didn’t even thank me.

The mother was the bitch, not the baby.

Anyway, it made me sad. The girls weren’t behaving badly, they were obviously just tired and wanting some attention, and this girl just yelled at them in front of everyone in Target. Later when I went out to the parking lot I saw her out there still, fighting the girls to buckle them into car seats and I’m sure she was hurting them by the way she was twisting them around and she was still yelling and it was just horribly sad.

And then I went to the mall and saw all the teenagers and preteens hanging around, flirting with boys, doing whatever they do. You know, when I was 15 I had to beg my parents to let me meet friends at the mall and when they did I had a strict curfew. They DEFINITELY wouldn’t have let me go there by myself at 12, especially dressed up like a wee streetwalker and with way too much money to spend.

When I lived in Chicago I often went to a mall in Lincolnwood where the young Latinas would hang out on the weekends, with their babies and their parents’ credit cards. I can’t tell you how many teenage moms I saw in Express using their parents’ plastic to pay for some hoochie clothes while their babies cried in strollers laden down with shopping bags. And from their conversations you could tell that this wasn’t a once-a-month shopping spree. They did this every weekend.

This isn’t really a rant like I usually do. It’s just a state of the world that causes me immense sadness.

I wish they had a screening that they could do before they allowed people to bear offspring. That’s all.

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