Not So Much

March 13, 2003

So I was groggily dozing my way through The Today Show this morning and they were talking to Elizabeth Smart’s uncles (and how cool/odd/incredible is that whole thing, anyway?) and they’re asking if she has talked about what happened while she was with the kidnappers. And then all of a sudden Katie Couric says something like “We’re all dying to know – did she say if she was abused or sexually assaulted by her captors?”

“We’re all dying to know” ?? She delivered this question in the same tone of voice you’d use to say “We’re all dying to know – did you meet any hot guys on that singles cruise?” I mean, of course everyone is curious, but Jebus, way to phrase it in a really awkward and inappropriate manner. Boo to you, Katie Couric.

Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed that Katie’s been looking a little rough lately? I think they’re overbleaching her hair and dressing her in fugly clothes to make her look younger or something, but she should just go with the aging, if you ask me. She’s a perfectly good-looking woman. But her hair is so light lately that her skin looks blotchy and she always looks really tired.

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