March 10, 2003

Ahh, what a weekend.

Despite the gorgeous weather yesterday, it turned out that I was too damn hungover to do jack squat. So instead I took a shower and a nap and hung around the house.

So today it was gorgeous AGAIN (spring fever! whee!) and so tallgirlsam and Witchy and I went out for our usual Target expedition. But first we went to Old Navy so I could get some flip-flops. I tried on the very same mint-green ones that uclafan87 bought but ended up getting hot pink flowery stacked ones instead. And THEN we went to Target, where I bought a purple polo shirt and a jump rope and almost got another pair of flip-flops (retro red). And THEN TG and W and I were eating chili-cheese dogs in the food court with barybabe who was on her break when the cutest boy in Roanoke walked through the front doors.

Seriously, he was lovely. He had that trendy longish shaggy hair and dark jeans and a white button-down and a muy guapo face. He looked a little like a Sim, though. Hee!

So we stalked him and his friend. TG decided that she NEEDED to look at bandannas since Cute Boy and Friend were trying on hats in the menswear department. But I think they figured out we were stalking them because they left pretty quickly after that.

THEN we left and got my car washed. Hurray for that multi-colored foam stuff! TG was like “I feel like I need a joint right about now.”

* * *

I made THE most random-ass mix tonight. It has, like, G. Love & Special Sauce and then BBMak and Michael Jackson and Eminem and then Biggie…and then Talking Heads and Todd Rundgren and really, it’s just so totally random. I was typing out the playlist but I realized how utterly lame it makes me look so I decided not to share it after all.

Hey, that makes me remember Dillo Day when I saw G. Love at this outdoor concert festival thing and was about 4 feet from the speakers. Kick-ass show, but I left with a really weird contact high and…oops…a busted eardrum.

It was worth it, though.

Tomorrow I’m back to my late schedule – 1:00 p.m. to 9:30. Bleh.

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