March 3, 2003

Questions and thoughts of the day:

1. What’s up with the Salem jackets? We have wondered this for a long time. If you live around here you’ve seen them, probably every single freakin’ day of the week. Everyone has a Salem jacket. I didn’t even go to Salem and sometimes I kinda want one just to fit in. #2 has a theory that when you attend SHS and they pass out your schedule on the first day of school, they also give you your maroon and gray jacket. But seriously, either they have the most school spirit in the valley, or they’re a cult. I vote cult.

2. I wonder about the stories of the clothes TG and I get at the Goodwill. Take my USCG shirt for example. This shirt is soooooo worn and soft and comfy, with not a single hole in it, and although I’m glad to have found it I wonder why it was donated in the first place. Maybe the owner gave it to his girlfriend and then they broke up and she didn’t want it anymore. Or maybe he (or she) quit the coast guard and didn’t want any reminders around anymore. It just seems like this lovely little shirt is lost, like it never should have been someone’s castoff. I’d never give away a shirt as soft and comfy as this one unless it once had some emotional value for me and then lost it. I think there’s a sad story behind this shirt, but so far it hasn’t given me any sad dreams. But I’ve only slept in it one night so you never know.

At one time I actually had more thoughts but they seem to have escaped me. I’ll add more later.

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