Mauled Out

March 1, 2003

We had a weird night. Well, make that afternoon/evening. It was weird.

Side note – I am listening to my laundry running. That’s a very soothing sound.

Okay, so today/tonight, TG and Witchy and I headed out to the mall so I could blow even more of my paycheck, and somewhere along the way we decided we wanted to see Chicago so we called #2’s cell phone and told her to meet us at the mall, ’cause we knew she’d want to see it again. And we weren’t wrong. So she met us.

The good news – I FINALLY FOUND SOME JEANS THAT FIT ME THAT I LIKE!!! I got ’em at the Gap – Gap Long & Lean Jeans. I asked the fitting room attendant if my ass looked okay in them and my sisters were all horrified. And in the Gap I got two compliments on my new Swell jewelry, once from the fitting room attendant and once from the gay cashier. And to the gay cashier I was like “thanks, it’s from Target,” and he says “it’s from TarZHAY when it looks like that, [honey].” I put [honey] in brackets because that part was implied. But it made me feel good, esp. since I was wearing this lovely new green beaded jewelry with the same black sweater I’ve been wearing for about a week and my slouchy brown pants and overall felt kind of frumpy.

It was seriously time for some laundry washing. So I did it.

TG and I apparently went insane and decided to visit the following stores: Hollister, The Buckle, and Abercrombie and Fitch. We snapped out of our insanity moments before deciding that Wet Seal would be a good idea too.

Hollister was okay, although I’m still biased against stores that don’t carry sizes above 10. They have good shirts. The other two? Are we crazy?

Why is it that clothes are made for either micro-small people or plus-size people? Is it really too much to ask for some normal-sized clothes, and shirts made for chicks with boobs? I mean, E is a size 6 for jebus’ sake and SHE has trouble finding shirts that fit her chest, and she’s probably only a B cup.

Also, while I’m bitching, can someone please tell those freaky little goth chicks that Jncos went out about five years ago? (if, in your opinion, they were ever really in) We saw a whole tribe of them, all decked out in Hot Topic and Jncos.

Man, I think I’m turning into a scary old hag. I need to get out of this place, back to a city like Chicago or somewhere.

Anyway, so we went to see Chicago the movie and it was wonderful, just as everyone said, and this couple in the row in front of us got up and left with LITERALLY less than a minute left in the film. I mean, it wasn’t credits yet but it was obvious that the film had less than a minute to go and they get up and walk in front of us and leave.


THEN we went back to Target. Because what’s a shopping trip without a stop at Target, I ask you? I got a lovely little purple sweater with snaps and some eyeliner and I bought TG a pair of cheap jeans. And people kept stopping #2 and asking for assistance ’cause she was still in her Targetwear.

And Baraka gave me shit because he said I broke my promise to talk to him every time I visit. But I swear, I DO talk to him every time I see him! And he freaked me out ’cause he said my Target card was going to be cancelled, but it was just a ploy to make me apply for the Target Visa. And it didn’t work!

WHEN are my Girl Scout cookies going to arrive??

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