February 21, 2003

In high school and for part of my college summers, I worked at a fast food restaurant that shall remain nameless (but rhymes with Wurger Wing). One summer I came back for work and there I saw Bondz. A little younger than I, but super-cute. Instant crush.

We flirted non-stop at work, rumors began to fly, and then he actually did ask me out on a date. So I went, and…

…it sucked. It was like taking my little brother out to the movies. There was no attraction whatsoever; no spark. So I kept being friendly with him at work, but wouldn’t go out with him again.

But he had fallen in love, as other co-workers would later tell me, and didn’t take it very well when I kind of began to brush him off.

So one night we had a particularly melodramatic episode out in the parking lot after work, and he left pissed.

The next time I came in to work, there was a note clipped to my time card. With a bunch of my surly punk teenage coworkers standing around, I opened it to find:

The lyrics to the Phil Collins song “Against All Odds,” written down. With certain parts underlined, like “We’ve shared the laughter and the pain/And even shared the tears/You’re the only one/Who really knew me at all.”

DUDE. We flirted at work and went out on ONE DATE. I barely knew anything about him. I knew he was a virgin and wanted to be a meteorologist and that he’d rather make burgers than work the drive-thru. That’s about it.

So, I guess it makes me a heartless bitch, and I should have felt really bad, but I kinda laughed about it.

I mean, Phil Collins, for Jebus’ sake.

Epilogue: #2 worked at a different Wurger Wing where Bondz later ended up a manager a year or so later (long after I’d left the land of fast food). All the girls she worked with there had massive crushes on him. Whenever I’d go in there to visit #2 or grab something to eat, said girls would always be kind of bitchy to me. I asked #2 why at some point, and she said it was because Bondz talked about me ALL THE TIME and they were jealous.


Those freaks. If they want Phil Collins lyrics clipped to their time cards, they can have them.

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