50 Random Things, Part Two

January 20, 2003

A continuation of last Thursday’s entry:

16. I earned my college degree in radio/television/film studies, but have seen very few of those films commonly regarded as “classics.” I’ve seen fewer than half of the movies of AFI’s top 100 list.

17. My first real pet was a lop-eared rabbit named Mr. Bojangles. He died.

18. Theoretically I play the flute, although I haven’t played it for a few years now. I always hated how competitive it was. I should’ve played the bassoon or something.

19. I flat-out suck at wrapping presents. My presents look like they were wrapped by a blind left-handed five-year-old named Lenny.

20. Along the lines of manual dexterity, I’m not crafty in general. Despite numerous attempts, I cannot seem to learn to sew, or knit, or crochet, or do any of those common skills that young women were once supposed to learn.

21. I am, however, really good at video games like Mario Bros.

22. And I think the old-school Nintendos were the most fun of all the systems I’ve tried.

23. In high school I played varsity volleyball and soccer. Except that I suck, royally, at soccer. I don’t know how I ever got any playing time. I’m not too bad at volleyball though, despite being short.

24. I have a weird blood condition that sometimes makes me pass out in the shower.

25. I generally loathe people with red hair. It’s not the red hair on its own, but rather that 99.95% of the people I’ve known with red hair have turned out to be assholes. So it kind of makes me doubt the redheaded population in general. If you’re a nice person with red hair I would love to be friends with you just to prove myself wrong.

Halfway there…more to come. These lists are harder than I thought!

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