Stop Kissing. We Can See You!

January 15, 2003

This weekend, G and I went to the local shopping center to get some Chinese food, and on our way back to my car we saw that the car parked facing mine had two teenage kids in it. As we got closer to my car, they started making out. In the Kroger parking lot at 7:30 on a Friday night. Freaks. We watched in grotesque amusement for a few minutes, and then I said that I figured once I started the car and turned the headlights on, they’d notice we were there and stop. But noooooooo, they just kept on sucking face. They weren’t even graceful about it – it was just sloppy redneck highschooler face sucking.

So after a moment or two more of watching this little sideshow, I hit the horn. FINALLY they looked up, surprised, and that’s when I smiled my biggest, brightest smile…and waved.

I’ve never seen a quicker disengagement. They practically tripped over their sagging-ass jeans running to Subway.

G would later say that the wave was the real kicker.

Note to self: embarrass stupid people more often.

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